The game of cricket was introduced in Manipur by Maharaja Churachand Singh, KCSI, CBE the erstwhile ruler of the state immediately on his return from Prince of Wales Military School, Dehradun in 1908. As a royalty, he patronized the game with financial and material sanctions. But more importantly, he enthused the game with his active participation as a player. He even took teams to Shillong and Kohima and played matches with British Garrison teams. However, after the demised of Maharaja Churachand Singh in the year 1941 the interest in the game faded away due to lack of financial sponsors. The advent of WW II and the devastation it brought to this state was the last nail in the coffin of all sporting activities in the state.

Manipur Cricket Association (MCA) was established on 16th September 1975. Manipur was granted an associate member by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 1998. It is only in the last decade that there was a revival of interest in the game. Presently a large number of players represent various clubs in local and state level tournament. From the early 2010, different age group teams from the state are actively participating in tournaments conducted by BCCI.